Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have heard people teach that when creating a work of art one should work in the moment. That the very act of creation is the art and the time in which is created is the consummation of its aesthetic value. For some this does not hold to any corrections - though certainly the correction is in the creation, they both come from the artist.

What follows, though it is not art, is a work of this thought. A creation of a moment, little altered, as pure as impurity begats.

Love when it is held before, when it is created by the object of its affection, is a light in darkness as equally as it is a darkness in light. All feeling is paradox, but perhaps here in LOVE does one find the chiefest paradox. It is an emotion that exists in all human creature. It is a driving force in the complexities of man's base simplicity. To many it is the highest sentiment,the most virtuous achievement and the balm of Earth's sorrow.

The same who think so cannot define the passion they idolize. Love as they know it is a compilation of mentality.

If not love, then what stands at the summit? Which of the divine dregs is the greatest? Surely it not emotion but the object which stirs it. Indeed when it ceases to be the object the emotion becomes corrupted. Projection.

It is seldom asked for in the way it is given and it is not desired and powerfully and the desirer believes. All objects falter - all but one and that one provides the only thing that is greater than love: transformation.

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