Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Eye and Those Who Have it

Objective Aesthetics is a theory I have been partial to for a long time. It isn't my purpose at this time to go into the details of this theory - that will be in another entry. Consider this a the first in a series of examples. For today I am satisfied with saying that good and bad taste exist - at some level - and a person can be more often closer to one than the other.

This manifests itself artistically as well. There are some aspects of art that can be honed and there are some that can be taught, but not all. And there is the eye, the aesthetic sense. That ability to recognize beauty. The gift of style or taste.

This girl, for example, possesses this visceral awareness. It is keenly perceived by her and so naturally it is nearly unknown to herself.

Observe the selection of images HERE. Wash over the individual qualities - each of these was selected by her. This is a clear example of the innate ability. Even the beginnings of an argument for Objective Aesthetics.

In this example the eye is being used in a passive (though certainly not arbitrary) function. That is to say the Subject is making choices and observing rather than creating. Although the Passive Function does not directly create new pieces is just a central to aesthetic movement - again, more on this later.

Most claim art is subjective, those who know otherwise see so much more.


  1. p.s. i didn't see these pictures before. they never loaded. but wow. what a stunning woman.