Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am yielding folly, I am salted earth, I am partially hewn stone encased by ignorance, I am freedom burning, I am the seed that was sewn,

I am madness of yearning, I am dust and breath, I am he who builds cities, I am pain of wandering, I am Lord of all or nothing, I am tears of damnation,

I am anger and envy, I am both wisdom - foolishness, I am passion unbridled, I am strength untested, I am unkempt beauty, I am fear of the mountains,

I am hope, I am sadness, I am the crawling ant, I am violent dreams, I am love, I am mighty, I am blood and spirit, I am suffering,

I am light that is darkened, I am sight that is blind, I am song of the fallen, I am bone and again bone, I am the book to be written, I am the birth yet unborn,

I am weight at my ankles, I am the arm and the sweat, I am the voice and the vision, I am the path still unknown,

I am thoughts, I am action, I am the choice to be made,

I am holy and broken

I am immortal soul.

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